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  • December 2015
  • New Risks in Retirement: Mutual Funds Are Not Delivering the Solution

    We will take a look at the many hidden risks involved in mutual fund investing. Mutual funds aren’t as reliable as investors once thought. Unfortunately, many Americans are under the mistaken impression that mutual funds are one of the safest investment options. However, though mutual funds provide Wall Street banks and public corporations with much […]

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  • Greenbacks Make a Comeback: US Dollar Getting Stronger

    In November of 2007, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen claimed that in order to remain the richest model in the world, she wouldn’t be able to accept the U.S. Dollar. Nearing the end of 2015, Bundchen is still the wealthiest supermodel on the planet, but experts are betting she’ll change her mind about American greenbacks. The […]

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  • Struggling to Survive: Middle Class America, Drowning in Inequality

    Where have all the middle class Americans gone? This question is quickly becoming a hot topic for 2016 presidential candidates as middle America struggles to keep their heads above water, no longer enjoying any sense of financial stability; and seemingly no life preserver in sight. The core of the American dream is eroding and the people want […]

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  • Flat Tax System: The Rich Really Will Pay More

    With the recent increase in attacks and mass-shootings, both here at home and in the global community, America is incredibly vulnerable. These terrifying threats, coupled with our disastrous budgets, point out that we may not be able to increase spending on intelligence and defense as needed. Thankfully, many of the 2016 presidential candidates realize that […]

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  • News! Americans Losing Jobs to Legal Foreign Workers

    Illegal immigration has received a lot of press lately. Americans are worried that illegal immigrants are taking their “rightful” jobs. However, most of these jobs are the low paying ones that US workers are reluctant to take anyway. However, Americans losing jobs to legal foreign workers does not tend to attract the same amount of  media attention. The […]

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