• Part 1 – Credit Scores 101: What It Is and Why It Matters

    If we told you a number between 300 and 850 could save you thousands of dollars, would that grab your attention and get you interested in learning more? Then pay attention because that aforementioned number is your credit score, and this post, Credit Scores 101, will help you learn about what it is and how exactly it could […]

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  • Six Take Charge Hacks to Handle Financial Procrasination

    If you’re like many others, you started 2016 with great intentions of getting your financial life on track, or improving your financial situation. This was going to be the year you made real progress on your financial goals. If you have been procrastinating and now find yourself wondering if your goal is still attainable as the […]

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  • Building Your Nest Egg: Five Ways to Retrain Your Brain to Save More for Retirement

    How serious are most working adults about starting or strengthening their retirement fund? If one were to look at the facts inside some formal studies conducted on saving for retirement, the answer would be “not very serious.” According to the 2014 Employee Benefits Research Institute’s Retirement Confidence Survey, (EBRI) the average American has a less […]

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  • What Does This Saudi-Russian Oil Deal Mean for U.S. Power?

    On February 16, 2016, the nations of Saudi Arabia and Russia made an oil deal, which capped petroleum output at the levels these two nations produced during the month of January 2016. According to a February 22nd Bloomberg.com articleabout this issue, Iran was one of the nations that supported the Saudi-Russian deal. However, the Iranians […]

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  • Is the Current Rise in Gold’s Value the Real Deal?

    Is it the right time to buy gold? The shiny metal has been a way to store value for centuries, but modern-day investors may wonder whether it’s a good addition to their portfolios. Let’s look at how gold is performing in relation to oil. While we’re happy to see lower gas prices at the pump, comparing […]

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