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  • How Much Do You Really Need to Save for an Emergency?

    In life, we expect that things will not always go smoothly. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that emergencies do happen, and the best thing we can do is be prepared for them. However, many Americans are not as prepared as they think when it comes to coping financially with an emergency. So how much money do […]

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  • Should You Use the Debt Snowball To Pay Off Debt?

    Paying off debt can be overwhelming, especially when there’s a lot of it and you’re not sure where to start or what’s going to be more effective with as much (or as little) as you can pay right now. The debt snowball method has become increasingly popular with those who have large amounts of debts and large […]

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  • Alternatives to Gambling on Wall Street

    Hedge fund managers, financial journalists and other self-described experts have tried to get an edge on the stock market for more than a hundred years, but research shows that even the most well respected active investment funds struggle to outperform the overall market. For individual investors, trying to beat the market can prove disastrous as […]

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  • Debt is Like a Rabbit Colony

    Debt is hard to avoid. It’s absolutely everywhere from the second you turn 18. Maybe it starts with student loans then morphs to a credit card “just for emergencies.” Your definition for emergencies loosens and starts to include gas, food, rent, textbooks, concert tickets, etc. College is about having fun and you can totally pay […]

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  • Class of 2019: Take These Steps to Avoid Post-College Money Mistakes!

    It’s no secret that college is expensive. In 2018, NerdWallet reported the total outstanding student debt from federal loans alone is $1.5 trillion dollars! Significant debt negatively impacts your credit score, as well as that of any co-signers you may have. In addition, being in debt can prevent you from leasing your own car, renting […]

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  • An 850 Credit Score Begins With These 9 Habits

    Achieving a perfect credit score isn’t hinged on your income or bank account balance nearly as much as your habits. These are the habits to get into if you want to see your credit score top out. Get On A Budget Nothing makes your debt spiral out of control more than not paying attention to […]

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  • How Does Opening a New Credit Card Affect my Credit Score?

    If you’re wondering whether you should open a new credit card but you’re worried about how it might affect your credit, the short answer is that it depends.  Opening a new credit card can help your credit in some cases and hurt it in others but this depends mostly on what you choose to do […]

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  • Social Security Benefits 101

    People mostly associate Social Security with retirement income but are not aware of the other benefits that the Social Security Administration (SSA) pays out for other significant life situations. Here is an overview of all the benefits available through the SSA. Retirement Benefits The monthly amount you get is tied to three numbers: (1) Social […]

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  • The Ten-Fold Path to Improving Your Financial Health

    The United States has become a health-obsessed country. If the doctor tells us to jump, we do not hesitate to ask “How high?” Imagine, though, if you paid as much attention to your financial portfolio as you did to your cholesterol level. What if you took as much care to improve your financial portfolio as […]

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  • Top 5 Tax Traps to Avoid in Retirement

    Most people are shocked to learn that the biggest expense in retirement, that long-sought oasis after a lifetime of hard work, won’t be a mortgage, healthcare, or green fees at the local golf course. It will be taxes! The unfortunate reality is that even the most meticulous, careful, and perfectly timed investments and investment strategies […]

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