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  • What the Bulls and Bears Are Saying: Is the Bear Right This Time?

    It’s always a challenge to listen to what the Bulls and Bears are saying about the stock market and economy. That’s because during more uneasy times, these two sides sometime conflict with one another. As we begin 2016, we’re starting to see more of a wider split between who thinks we’re in a Bull market […]

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  • Retirement and Taxes: Are You Financing Your Future, or the Government’s?

    You probably don’t enjoy paying taxes — no one does. And it’s frustrating to constantly wonder if you’re paying more tax than you legally have to. You certainly wouldn’t pay extra tax just for the fun of it, would you? Are you financing your future, or the government’s? Taxes are here to stay, so it’s smart […]

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  • Stock Market Shifts: The Fed Raised Interest a Quarter Point…. Happy New Year!

    Right before the holidays rolled into town, the stock market saw volatile changes. During the first and second week of December, the market saw significant drops; the most significant came on December 18th, when the Dow dropped a staggering -367. Two days prior to the big drop The Federal Reserve raised interest rates a quarter of […]

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