• 7 Important Credit Card Terms To Know Before You Swipe Again

    Using credit cards has become second nature for most people. Whether it is paying for a tank of gas or buying your morning cup of coffee, credit cards are the go-to method of payment. Credit cards are an excellent way to build your credit history, and even earn rewards depending on the type of card […]

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  • Important New FAFSA Rules for Your College-Bound Kid

    Applying for federal financial aid for college is a stressful and time-consuming process. The great news is there are new FAFSA rules in place starting this year that will make the application process simpler and less stressful for your college-bound kid. 1. You can file the FAFSA earlier: Students who plan to attend college in […]

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  • 6 Questions to Ask Your Auto Finance Manager

    Your auto finance manager wants to close the deal as much as you want to buy the car. You both want to find an affordable finance option so you leave with a new vehicle and the dealership acquires a sale. When considering a new or used vehicle purchase, be bold and use these 6 Questions to […]

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  • How Brexit Will Impact the U.S. Economy

    Brexit, England’s exit from the E.U. (European Union), is a hot topic in the news with many British citizens cheering. You’ve probably heard the term at least once, but may not understand why so many people are happy about it. And will it affect the U.S. economy? We’ll point out at the potential implications Brexit has […]

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