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  • Are We Going to Keep Pretending the Student Loan Crisis Isn’t Real?

    There have been countless news articles and opinion editorials discussing an emerging crisis; the student loan problem. Most of the articles trend for a few days, we make a little noise on twitter, and then it all dies down. Meanwhile, the problem keeps deepening, and according to Forbes, student debt currently stands at $1.6 trillion. […]

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  • This is the Amount of Money You Need to Be Happy

    When it comes to placing a dollar amount on “happiness” we often reach for the old adage… money can’t buy it.  It’s a lovely saying that emphasizes the value of the un-purchasable things in life, but it’s not quite accurate. It turns out that, while you can’t buy happiness in a can (yet,) you can […]

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  • Start Prepping Your 2020 Taxes Now to Avoid Headaches Down the Line

    Don’t Stop Thinking About Those Taxes Just Yet If you’re like the majority of Americans you’re happy to finally put tax preparation behind you. The truth, however, is that it might not be time to forget about your taxes just yet. Experts say it’s never too early to start preparing your taxes. Getting an early […]

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  • 5 Signs the Stock Market Is In for a Bumpy Ride

    Over the last ten years, as the markets have rebounded from the banking crisis, all economic indicators have seemed to move in a healthy direction. And yet, in the last couple months, stock market volatility has been a regular occurrence. One area of concern for economists has been that a rising stock market has not […]

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  • Common Sense: How Growth Fixes Debt & Tax Cuts Create Growth

    America’s debt problem cannot be solved by federal budget cuts alone. It can’t be solved by great and inspiring speeches. And it won’t be solved by doing nothing. The meager 1.9% economic growth of the past eight years was too low to either boost the private sector or to keep up with ever-growing federal spending. This isn’t rocket science: private […]

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  • How Much Will I Get in Social Security in My Retirement?

    Most people end up relying on benefits from the government when they retire — specifically, Social Security benefits. Social Security is a program run by the government that provides you money in your retirement based on a number of different factors; the only main caveat is that, unless more money is provided, the government’s Social […]

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  • The Top Five Regrets of People About to Retire

    People usually consider retirement a relief from the daily grind of hard work. However, not everyone is able to live out their golden years in as much comfort as they would like because they have not provided adequately for their retirements when they were still working. Often, as younger adults, people put off thinking about their […]

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  • What Do Americans Do With Their Tax Refund?

    Tax refunds: While many taxpayers are not looking forward to a refund, there are millions who will get this windfall in 2017. During 2016, the average refund was  $2,860 and a recent survey suggested this year the numbers may be similar. However, what may surprise you is the way taxpayers intend to use their 2017 […]

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  • Is Obamacare in a Death Spiral? The Latest News May Suggest It

    With the election past us things are not looking well for The Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA), or Obamacare if you are so inclined to call it. President Trump has been working on some new legislation concerning the bill, and these may yet hasten the inevitable death spiral which the AHCA is already sinking into. […]

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  • 401(k) Plan Creators Admit They Regret their Contribution to Financial Retirement Planning

    When most of us think of retirement, we instantly think of 401(k) plans. However, new data presented in a Wall Street Journal article entitled, “The Champions of the 401(k) Lament the Revolution they Started,” suggests that 401(k) plans don’t offer as much financial security as we once thought. 401(k)s have been the most common retirement […]

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