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  • November 2015
  • What Does Trump Know That Wall Street and the Rest of Us Don’t?

    Donald Trump’s run for presidency has been rife with intense standoffs and moments of seeming insanity. “The Donald”, as he was once dubbed by the media, has seemingly put his foot in his mouth on more than one occasion, but his choice of words should not cancel out the fact that the business mogul knows […]

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  • Paris Terror Attack: Preparing for Financial Ramifications on the US Market

      Innovation in investing is normally promoted and celebrated by those who shape and drive the current market. Finding new ways to succeed in this area is considered necessary in order to adapt to an always-changing economy. ISIS claims that the United States is next, and that means that our investments are at risk. We cannot live […]

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  • Financial GPS – Debt Elimination Program To Fast Track Your Mortgage

      Mortgage debt is a source of stress for almost every homeowner. While owning a home is a dream for many people, the reality of paying down a mortgage is anything but, since the majority of the mortgage payment is usually applied to interest instead of principal. Lending institutions love this system, because the original […]

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  • Is the US heading for another recession?

    There is a lot of economic talk in the U.S. lately, most of it concerning the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in light of strong economic growth over the last couple of years. But would a looming recession keep Yellen and the Fed from raising the interest rate? Is the US heading for another recession? […]

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