How to Protect Your Wealth in a Volatile Market

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

No matter what the political climate is, the market responds better to bad news than to volatility. Bad news signals a definitive path, as does good news but volatility leaves investors feeling vulnerable and their wealth in jeopardy. There are many divisions in American society today, and we want to alert you to how this division might escalate and why it could be dangerous to your WEALTH! A scenario is developing that could lead to very volatile markets—even a stock market crash. Hopefully, the scenario will never come to pass. But we would be remiss not to alert you to the warning signs. In today’s article, we explain why the presidential election could devastate markets, what could trigger it—and how to PREPARE and PROTECT yourself and your money!

How to protect yourself from market volatility:

The good news is that the market, historically, doesn’t care who wins the election. Whether the winner is a Democrat or Republican, the market tends to go up. But this year, there are some genuine dangers. There are the chances of a contested election or an uncertain outcome that could drag on for weeks, even months(for more, see here). So how do you protect your wealth in such uncertain times?

  • Mindset: Don’t get caught up in media hype or anxiety. Check the news less often and read about how people overcame obstacles more. You have weathered volatility before, and you will do it again.
  • Protect your health: Don’t let the stress affect your health. Now may be the time to try yoga or meditation. The healthier and calmer your body is, the more stamina you will have to face the possible storm.
  • Prepare beforehand: Prepare your assets before any problem arise. We suggest using the C.L.U.E. method. For more on this method, click here.
  • Prepare to make your move: There are always opportunities in crises. Don’t leave money on the table by not taking advantage of the uncertainty while you can.

When the stock market goes up, we use products that you make money based on a crediting method, your gains are locked in, and when the stock market index goes down, you don’t lose anything. The products we use do not have any fees, taxes, and your money is insured the whole time. For more information on how we can help you, click here.

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