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California School for the Deaf

The Financial GPS program offers a one-stop platform for information on your income, mortgage and other debts in a neat, attractive package. You get a great visual regarding your income and expenses.

The program is of great help to me and my wife. All of our balances are updated regularly. Even better, we receive informational prompts with the exact final date of when I will pay off all of my debts including my mortgage. Not only that, the program will tell you how much interest I save over time. With such visual prompts, our Financial GPS is of big help!

Since I’ve been on the program for 5-6 months I see the program working aggressively by giving me the shortest and the most effective way to pay down my debts. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to successfully pay down my debts at a much faster rate than was originally expected. Not only that, the number of years required to pay off my mortgage has been drastically reduced. It is totally unbelievable!

I highly recommend that people who have debts should take a look into the Financial GPS program. It’s wonderful because it works!