Do you want to say good-bye to your banker?

It is our belief at TetonPines Financial that you can either be the bank or a customer of the bank.

It is easy to do business with your bank or credit card company and never learn how they work. The video below offers insights on how banks make money and more importantly, discusses things that you can help you “be the bank.”

A key financial concept that you must understand is “Opportunity Cost.” This concept will change your outlook on money for the rest of your life. Banks apply this concept to every financial decision they make and so should you!

When making a major purchase, there are many options available:

  • You can either pay interest through your bank.
  • You can lose interest using your savings account


  • You can borrow against your wealth building account to use cash for your purchases, leaving money in your wealth building account so that it can continue to compound interest.