How liquid are your cash reserves?

Just as expenses come up when we least expect them, so do opportunities! Having money safe and liquid gives you more options and allows you to be able to purchase a new car, pay for college tuition or be ready any other sort of life’s surprises.

As most families live paycheck-to-paycheck nowadays, they are simply not ready for making necessary major purchases such as an automobile or worse, an unexpected medical emergency. They are just that close to complete financial ruin due to a lack of cash reserves and preparation.

Without these reserves in place, you may be forced into selling or even liquidating your nest egg assets prematurely. Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of current market conditions; possible lower pricing and penalties that chip away even further at YOUR money.

Imagine having a peace of mind knowing that not only do you have liquid cash reserves, you also know that a large chunk of your nest egg is in a plan that goes only in one direction…up! With TetonPines Financial’s assistance, you can create a principal cash reserve account built on safe and liquid assets. Benefits for a wealth building account include tax free distribution, tax-deferred growth, unstructured loan payments, competitive returns and finally liquidity, use and control.

You can get your money whenever you need it without penalties and restrictions.

You are now a wealth creator!

The Wealth Building Strategy is based around “wealth creators.” These wealth creators see and understand the value of compound interest. They collateralize their account in order to make purchases, but unlike other assets, using it doesn’t interrupt the growth.

Wealth Creators accumulate an increasing pool of capital that offers easy accessibility and uninterrupted compound interest. Utilizing a strategy that offers a loan at a similar interest rate, wealth creators earn in a compounding account. This is more efficient and the overall outcome stands above standard loans.

Whether you follow the mindset of “paying yourself back,” or “collateralization” through the wealth builder account, they both have the same outcome; you are in control of your finances. Leverage the secrets of wealth creators and learn how anyone can build a solid foundation.