• Save Today & Ease the Financial Fears of the Future

    People get hurt. Furnaces conk out in the middle of winter. Cars die and windows break. These are the curveballs of life. We can’t tell you not to worry, but we can recommend being prepared. And even if that preparation isn’t for the worst case scenario, the conscious effort (and act) of saving–for a vacation, […]

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  • 5 Tips: Save for College and Retirement Simultaneously

    Paper or plastic. Cash or credit. PC or Mac. With May graduations upon us, “college or retirement” is becoming a must-have kitchen table conversation for Millennials (and their parents). According to the Federal Reserve, borrowers under 30 years old held $376.3 billion in student loan debt in 2017. That’s an average debt of $22,135 per […]

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  • The Paycheck Checkup: How to Save on Hassle, Headache & Cash

    You don’t want to owe money come tax time, and you don’t want the Government holding onto more money than is necessary. With a multitude of changes to the tax code, resulting from the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017” that was signed into law December 22, 2017, millions of Americans will see changes […]

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  • 5 Signs the Stock Market Is In for a Bumpy Ride

    Over the last ten years, as the markets have rebounded from the banking crisis, all economic indicators have seemed to move in a healthy direction. And yet, in the last couple months, stock market volatility has been a regular occurrence. One area of concern for economists has been that a rising stock market has not […]

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  • Five Tragic Losses of ‘Someday’ Syndrome

    “Someday, I’d like to be able to enjoy my retirement.” “Someday, I’d like to be able to travel.” “Someday, I’d like to be able to relax.” Are you one of the people who talk about “someday” but you lack a solid plan to get you there? Retirement is going to happen “someday” but your preparations […]

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  • Four Drawbacks to Investing in Mutual Funds

    Mutual funds are a passive investor’s dream. They’re cheap, “diverse,” and (usually) well managed. Compared to a savings account, they seem like a fixed race. And they beat CDs (“certificates of deposit”) by a nose. But like anything that can seem too good to be true, mutual funds come with their own drawbacks. Mutual funds […]

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  • Money Matters in Marriage: How Spenders and Savers Can Stay in Sync

    Marriage: the word itself means to fuse, mix, blend, merge–and yet personalities and pre-marriage spending habits are regularly cited as some of the most contentious and divisive issues faced by married couples. One spouse likes to splurge, the other saves. One always assumes there’s enough money in the account, the other knows account balances to […]

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  • Common Sense: How Growth Fixes Debt & Tax Cuts Create Growth

    America’s debt problem cannot be solved by federal budget cuts alone. It can’t be solved by great and inspiring speeches. And it won’t be solved by doing nothing. The meager 1.9% economic growth of the past eight years was too low to either boost the private sector or to keep up with ever-growing federal spending. This isn’t rocket science: private […]

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  • How Much Will I Get in Social Security in My Retirement?

    Most people end up relying on benefits from the government when they retire — specifically, Social Security benefits. Social Security is a program run by the government that provides you money in your retirement based on a number of different factors; the only main caveat is that, unless more money is provided, the government’s Social […]

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  • Poverty Prevention for Millennials: Education, Employment, Saving

    Millennials (adults ages 18-32) constitute the largest and best-educated age group in today’s society, according to Wendy Wang, co-author of “The Millennial Success Sequence,” with W. Bradford Wilcox, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Virginia. But they risk poverty due to lifestyle choices, according to Wang and Wilcox. The authors contend traditional […]

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