happy-momentsThere’s an awakening happening and many people are looking for true and lasting happiness. People are breaking away from negativity, overexposure to sensationalized news and everyday stress that cloud the good and numb the mind, the body and soul. People want to bring balance back into their lives.

Everyone aspires to be happy, but do we know how to be happy? People think that money and success bring happiness or that healthy living can make them happy. True and lasting happiness is the precursor to strong relationships, healthy lives and personal success.

We are living longer than any other previous generation and even though we are the wealthiest and healthiest nation in the world, we are 18% more depressed than any other time in our history…including the Great Depression.

There are those that believe that Hard Work + Success = Happiness when in reality it is the other way around. Research has shown that Happiness is a precursor to success and hard work. Our brains are hard-wired to work at our best when we are happy.

How you feel and your attitude towards life stems from how we happy we are. We are capable of creating situations that spread like a ripple in a pond. Studies show that people who help others without expecting anything in return feel better about themselves.

Think of how great the world would be if everyone did one thing to help someone else. Collectively, our commitment to long-lasting happiness can change the world. Happiness is contagious, and it’s easy to spread the word. It only takes one person to start the wave of influence.

livehappyCome join The Happiness Movement to track your happiness influence. Go change the world. Live happy!