• Katie

    Property Manager
    Cardinal Capital

    Holly invited me to attend her financial seminar about the benefits of private reserve accounts. I was impressed with the presentation and I immediately believed that the information would benefit me and my financial future. I have been searching for a solid financial plan for retirement. Holly showed me how I can plan for my […]

  • Alan

    High School Principal
    California School for the Deaf

    The Financial GPS program offers a one-stop platform for information on your income, mortgage and other debts in a neat, attractive package. You get a great visual regarding your income and expenses. The program is of great help to me and my wife. All of our balances are updated regularly. Even better, we receive informational […]

  • David

    District Manager
    Sorenson Communications

    Years ago, I used a credit card to make a lot of purchases for my new home. The payments for this card were very high. I made minimum payments each month and I realized that I was barely making a dent in the amount owed due to high interest charges. I felt trapped and didn’t […]

  • Molly

    ASL Specialist
    Ohio School for the Deaf

    “My husband and I struggled paying off our debts. We both wanted to pay off the debt but, we couldn’t agree. We put our differences aside and purchased the Financial GPS program. Wow! The Financial GPS program made a huge difference! Instead of guessing which debt to pay off first, our Financial GPS gave us […]

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