Holly Parker Jensen

Holly Parker Jensen, MA
Wealth Strategist and Cash Flow Coach

Holly Parker Jensen, MA is a certified financial coach who strives to assist families to get out of debt by incorporating Circle of Wealth concepts while providing financial consulting amongst other services including life insurance consulting, retirement planning, asset protection and wealth creation.

Holly earned her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education/History and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Gallaudet University. Prior to establishing TetonPines Financial, Holly worked as a licensed clinical psychotherapist specializing in assessment and treatment of DSM-IV-TR disorders and provided solution-oriented therapy services. Holly was promoted to an administrative position, where she provided clinical supervision to 11 employees and MA level counseling interns servicing 150+ Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing clients in the Greater Seattle area.

Her sons, Logan (18) and Ty (14), were also her inspiration to advocate for hearing children of deaf parents, a subgroup within the deaf community. As the first President of the Washington Chapter for Kids of Deaf Adults (KODA) organization, Holly provided the needed leadership by spearheading a campaign to promote family and community awareness of the unique specialness and challenges faced by hearing children in Deaf-parented households.

Holly is a staunch advocate for the Deaf community and an American Sign Language (ASL) user. Appointed by Governor Locke, Holly served on the Board of Trustees for the Washington School for the Deaf and chaired the Board through the school’s transition by embracing bilingual and bicultural approach to learning while maintaining a comprehensive approach to policy. During that time, she developed a working relationship with the ASL interpreting community while pushing the passage of several legislative bills on behalf of the Washington School for the Deaf. Her understanding grew with regard to the ongoing monetary challenges faced by freelance interpreters.

After serving as a therapist to married couples, Holly found that personal finances are the most contentious issue faced today, and with this in mind, decided to enter the world of finance to assist and address these matters head on.

The summer after her freshman year in college, Holly worked at Yellowstone Falls Lodge in Wyoming and fell in love with the Grand Tetons and surrounding pine trees. The name, TetonPines Financial, comes from her time there and symbolizes unlimited growth and potential.