Up With the Market, Lock in Your Gains, and Never Go Down

dollar-chartWhen it comes to your retirement, it’s not about choosing the right mutual funds and stocks. It’s about protecting your money and securing your lifestyle.

If you have a wild portfolio and you make 100% in one year and you lose 100% the next year, what have you gained?

The average investor over the last decade (2000-2010) lost 25% of their money. 80% of the people who invest their money in the stock market lose money. That is four out of five. If you are reading this, you probably lost money in the stock market. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are financial products that when the stock market goes up you make money based on a crediting method your gains are locked in and when the stock market index goes down you don’t lose your money. Your money is insured the whole time.

We have seen recently some violent shifts in the stock market. Global financial upheaval has become the new normal and this has given rise to greater investor uncertainty. The values of your IRA or 401K were more than likely profoundly affected by events that you had nothing to do with and no control over.

My advice to you would be to control what you can control. If you want your money in a protected place, you should have your money in a protected place. You can go up with the market, lock in your increases and never lose money when the market goes down if you want to.

This is about you, your future and your family. You don’t have to stick to the status quo, you can have something better. And today is that day.

Expertise, commitment, trust.