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  • Is Getting a Tax Refund a Smart Way to Save?

    Congratulations! You filed your taxes and scored a tidy little refund.  Who doesn’t love a nice surprise? Millions of Americans actually look forward to filing their taxes every April because they like surprises, too.  They expect to get a windfall of cash in the form of a refund from Uncle Sam.  About 78 million tax […]

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  • Start Prepping Your 2020 Taxes Now to Avoid Headaches Down the Line

    Don’t Stop Thinking About Those Taxes Just Yet If you’re like the majority of Americans you’re happy to finally put tax preparation behind you. The truth, however, is that it might not be time to forget about your taxes just yet. Experts say it’s never too early to start preparing your taxes. Getting an early […]

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  • Top 5 Tax Traps to Avoid in Retirement

    Most people are shocked to learn that the biggest expense in retirement, that long-sought oasis after a lifetime of hard work, won’t be a mortgage, healthcare, or green fees at the local golf course. It will be taxes! The unfortunate reality is that even the most meticulous, careful, and perfectly timed investments and investment strategies […]

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  • 5 Key Decisions of Estate Planning

    No one wants to think about what happens when you’re no longer here — especially if you’re younger, still have kids at home and are in the process of building your career. You might think estate planning is only for older people who are closer to the end of their lives, but it’s important for younger […]

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  • What Do Americans Do With Their Tax Refund?

    Tax refunds: While many taxpayers are not looking forward to a refund, there are millions who will get this windfall in 2017. During 2016, the average refund was  $2,860 and a recent survey suggested this year the numbers may be similar. However, what may surprise you is the way taxpayers intend to use their 2017 […]

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  • Financial Planning: Seeing the Big Picture for Your Goals

    If you’re considering financial planning, you may be wondering what it is. Is it planning for your retirement? Is it looking for prudent places to put your money to increase it? It is reducing your taxes? Is it looking down the road to your kids’ education? Is it saving for vacations? For emergencies like ill […]

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  • Retirement and Taxes: Are You Financing Your Future, or the Government’s?

    You probably don’t enjoy paying taxes — no one does. And it’s frustrating to constantly wonder if you’re paying more tax than you legally have to. You certainly wouldn’t pay extra tax just for the fun of it, would you? Are you financing your future, or the government’s? Taxes are here to stay, so it’s smart […]

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  • The Student Loan Debt Crisis – and How to Face It Head-On

    “So how much do you have?” It sounds like an innocent enough question. But for some Americans, the answer to that question is riddled with a sense of hopelessness, and to an extent, defeat. The answer to that question is quite often a five-figure number, sometimes six figures. Regardless of the number of digits on […]

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  • How Much Will I Get in Social Security in My Retirement?

    Most people end up relying on benefits from the government when they retire — specifically, Social Security benefits. Social Security is a program run by the government that provides you money in your retirement based on a number of different factors; the only main caveat is that, unless more money is provided, the government’s Social […]

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  • Understanding Traditional IRA Withdrawal Rules

    An important part of retirement planning is understanding the rules the IRS sets in relation to traditional IRAs. These traditional IRA withdrawal rules exist in an effort on part of the government to make sure IRA money is used specifically for one’s retirement. Breaking IRA withdrawal rules can result in you having to pay a […]

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